A few facts about the Teesside Branch....some such as our meeting place are important, others are included to satisfy the curiosity of those of interested in such things as statistics and history!


Branch Meetings  
These are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except August and the rare occasions when Easter intervenes). Refer to our programme for actual dates.

They are held in the Elmwood Youth & Community Centre, at the junction of Darlington Road and Greens Lane, Hartburn, Stockton-on-Tees. (Click to see location map)

Meetings begin promptly at 7:15pm and finish around 9:45pm. There is a short interval for refreshments.

There is no admission charge.


Members enjoy the food at one of our quiz nights


Although our monthly meetings are our primary activities, we do a whole lot more besides. More information about the events the Teesside Branch organise can be found accompanying the photographs in the Branch Picture Gallery.



Teesside Branch has just under 50 paid up members.

A total of about 24 different people (plus guests and visitors) attended our monthly meetings during the course of 2018. This number includes a spread of ages, and both sexes are represented with a little under a third of those attending being ladies.

Our attendance for 2018 was in the range 14 to 21 with an average of just under 18.



The Teesside Branch committee is scheduled to meet formally twice each year (typically March and October) but additional meetings are added as and when they are deemed necessary. The advantage of having a large committee is that the workload is shared and a better spread of views can be taken into consideration to better represent all our members.


Geographic Location

The Teesside Branch is part of Zone One of the BCSS, the only other Branch in the Zone being Northumbria Branch (our neighbours to the north who meet in Newcastle). To the south the nearest Branches are York and Bridlington.


UK Map

The Teesside Branch was inaugurated on 17th October 1958. The Inaugural Officer was Mr K. Robinson of Manchester who was assisted by Mr G. Walker and Mr L.K. Thompson of Darlington. The first Branch Honorary Secretary was Tom Lavender. See reports of the formation of Teesside Branch.

In March 2018, to celebrate our 60th Anniversary, a special event was held (see picture gallery) at which the BCSS President, Dr Colin Walker, cut our anniversary cake.

50th anniversary cake

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