Hoya kerrii
Hoya kerrii H. kerrii is often seen advertised as the "sweet-heart plant" or "Valentine Hoya" because of its distinctive heart-shaped leaves.

It is unfortunate that this plant is often sold as a single rooted leaf, rather than from stem cuttings. Some sources suggest that unless there is some stem present leaf cuttings (of any Hoya species) will not develop into plants or, if they do, they will not grow strongly. The plant pictured (showing the underside of the leaf) appears to contradict this view, as a shoot can be seen that is now growing steadily. However, leaf cuttings are not recommended. It took nearly 18 months for the shoot to form and a further six months before it started to grow with any vigour. A 'proper' stem cutting would be expected to grow as soon as it has rooted, avoiding the two-year wait during which time many inexperienced growers would have lost patience or the plant may have succumbed.

Photograph by : John Ellis



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