Drosanthemum hispidum
Drosanthemum hispidum Drosanthemum hispidum
Drosanthemum hispidum is a very versatile and tolerant plant. Drosanthemums occur naturally in Namibia and the southern and western parts of South Africa. They are often treated as garden plants, even here in England, and the plant pictured has thrived for several years now despite being planted in a most inhospitable location. It is growing in north east England in a bed of clay soil, beneath the north side of a  small holly tree, and so gets extremely dry in the summer, but can be wet - even flooded - for long periods in the winter. It is true to say that it looks worse for wear by spring, but it recovers, spreads and flowers profusely over several months each summer.

The above growing conditions are far from ideal and a sunny, well drained bed would be much more preferable, however they do illustrate just how hardy these plants can be.

Photograph by : John Ellis

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