Agave univitata v heterocantha
Agave univitata v heterocanthaTypical Agave flower spike
Agave univitata v heterocantha is another of the Mexican Agaves, though the picture was taken in Palmitos Park on Gran Canaria. At maturity, it, like many of the Agaves, produces an extremely tall flower spike relative to the size of the plant, maybe 4m (13 feet) tall - though some species produce spikes more than twice this size. The effort of producing such flowers results in the death of the plant, though in addition to the setting of seed it may produce offsets prior to its demise.

The flower spike, pictured right, is included only as a typical example and is not from Agave univitata. The picture was taken at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Arizona.

Photographs by : John Ellis

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