Zone One Show (1992)

Zone One Show (1992)
Most Branches, indeed most botanical societies, hold competitive shows and Teesside is no exception. In particular we are involved in two regular shows - though we have at various times organised classes as part of other local shows.

Staging exhibits at Cleveland Show (2013)

Shows are often accompanied by sales and/or displays


Cleveland Show (2013)

Cleveland Show (2013)

The three regular shows are our own Branch show which has for many years been held annually each July as part of Cleveland Show in Middlesbrough, Stokesley Show and the Zone One Show. The latter was held every other year, alternating between Teesside and Tyneside so we host it every fourth year, however it has lapsed somewhat in recent years. As well as the individual prize cards and trophies, the Zone Show has the added interest of the points being totalled up to make it competitive between the Teesside and Northumbria Branches.

Melocactus Class

Astrophytum Class

Shows provide the opportunity for members to compare their plants and also give the public the chance to see well grown specimens and to ask questions and get advice - and of course we get the chance to try to recruit new members!

Mammillaria Class

"Six Cactus" Class

Showing is taken very seriously by some members with great time and effort being spent in preparation and in transporting the larger specimens, followed by much contemplation of the judges decisions. Others just enter for a bit of fun, but either way the shows are good natured affairs - we seem to avoid the intense rivalry sometimes seen at vegetable shows!

A heavy Pachypodium.....

Another heavy plant.....

Photographs by : John Barnett, John Ellis, Fred Johnston and Betty Unwin

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