Display at Cleveland Show

Display at Cleveland Show (1992)

Many members of the public are under the misapprehension that all cacti and succulents look the same, or that they are boring, dusty things that never flower - of course neither is true! One way of dispelling these myths is by mounting public displays.

Display at Stokesley Show (2013)

Display at Stokesley Show (2013)


Display at Stokesley Show (2018)

The displays make good talking points, giving us the chance to meet, talk to, and offer free advice to, the general public. They are also good publicity for the Branch. We usually accompany our annual show with a large display, but sometimes also mount displays in local garden centres.

Building a display in a local garden centre.....

.....the finished display

The mounting of large displays of specimen plants is both time consuming and labour intensive, so it is not practical to mount more than one or two each summer. To compliment these, our colourful and informative display boards are used to reach a wider audience. As well as being very eye catching they offer information about the BCSS and the Branch and give basic advice on cultivation, etc.

Branch display boards

Branch display boards

Stokesley Show photographs by : John Barnett, all other photographs by : John Ellis  

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