Cactus Display at the National Garden Festival
(in conjunction with Northumbria Branch)

Cactus Display - National Garden Festival

The National Garden Festival held in Gateshead in 1990 provided an excellent opportunity to show the public what cacti and succulents can really do. Because of the work involved, it was decided that this would be a Zone One event with both Northumbria and Teesside Branches contributing. The display was held over a weekend in mid June.

Cactus Display (close up)

Cactus Display (flowers)

The idea of burying the plants in deep gravel was very effective - if frowned upon by the judges. The fact that flowers were still in evidence at that time of year added to the display.

The display was awarded a silver gilt medal against stiff opposition, but more importantly was admired by many of the visitors to the festival.


Visitors admiring the display

All photographs by : John Ellis

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