Durham University Botanic Garden

Durham University Botanic Garden Cactus and Succulent House

The Branch was approached by the staff of the Durham University Botanic Garden in late 1999. The Garden wanted to improve their Cactus and Succulent House which had been suffering from cultivational problems. The Branch agreed to assist with a major upgrade of the house, by offering advice, seeking the donation of large plants and overseeing the replanting of the beds. The actual work was undertaken by Botanic Garden staff and was completed in Spring 2000.

Plants in raised and terraced bed

The Cactus and Succulent House comprises a walkway between raised and terraced beds. The bed on one side being for cacti, the opposite side containing other succulents. The replanted and replacement plants quickly took to the fresh compost, improved ventilation and better watering regime and, with very few exceptions, quickly became established.

A large Opuntia in the cactus bed

After the work was completed, the Branch has continued to maintain a good working relationship with the Gardens to mutual advantage. The Branch holds plant sales there and gains publicity for its work, whilst the Gardens appreciate our ongoing specialist advice and also benefit from the publicity associated with our events.

All photographs by : John Ellis

The Botanic Garden has its own web site which can be reached from a link in the 'Reciprocal Links' section on our Links Page.

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