National Science Week

The sales table and 'Science' banner

The Branch was approached by the British Association, the organisers of National Science Week, with a view to our participation in it. In March 2000, for the first time, the Branch grasped the opportunity and staged a display in the Hobbies Fair held in Preston Hall Museum.

Although initially it seemed strange to be invited to take part in a Science Week, it did not take too much imagination to define links between our hobby and several branches of science. A large banner citing botany, biology, chemistry, geology, ecology, geography, medicines, evolution, bio-diversity and conservation provided the back-drop to our stand.


Repotting demonstration, information table, display boards and computer display

In addition to our usual sales and information tables, and our large display boards, for this event we also gave live repotting demonstrations and used a computer to provide additional information for visitors.
The use of a computer enabled visitors to access information The event gave the public the chance to see and learn more about the work of the Branch and also about cacti and succulents. In return the Branch took the opportunity for plenty of publicity including a live radio interview.

All photographs by : John Ellis


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