Pictures of Member's Greenhouses
The following pictures show a selection of the collections of some of our members (past and present). It should be noted that these pictures are by no means representative of all of our member's collections, members with a few plants on a windowsill are just as valued as those who have large numbers of specimen plants.

An experiment growing cacti hydroponically

Plenty of colour


A fine show of flowers in May

Bench space is nearly always in short supply


Empty bench space is soon used up as collections grow

Just one half of one of the largest private collections in the country


Admiring large specimen plants

Plants look great when bedded out


A nice, mixed collection

A general view of a mature collection



Cacti and other succulents - including Lithops


Shelves above shelves to fit in as many plants as possible

Are you a Teesside Branch member?

Would you be willing to have a picture of your collection displayed here? If so, please let a member of the committee know so that we can make the necessary arrangements.




Some specimen plants

Another tightly packed collection of top quality plants


Well established collections contain some impressive plants

A collection of beautifully maintained plants


Show quality Melocacti require heat in the winter

Note the results of seedraising in the foreground


Show quality Mammillarias

Some nice Ariocarpus plants

Photographs by : Martin Brown and John Ellis  

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