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Arizona, the "Grand Canyon State", is one of the south western states of the USA. It is the sixth largest US state, its southern edge borders onto Mexico, the other sides of border onto California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

The three principal population centres are Phoenix (the capital) which is roughly in the centre, Flagstaff to the north and Tucson in the south.

Location map of Arizona
The mean elevation of the state is about 4100 feet, though generally the north (the Colorado Plateau) is higher than the south (the Sonoran Desert) and the two are separated by a mountain range. The state is rich in cacti, indeed they can found in almost all areas and at most altitudes, though they are particularly prevalent in the Sonoran Desert region. Arizona State Flag
The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon
The Organ Pipe
National Monument
The Organ Pipe National Monument
Echinocereus nicholii and Mammillaria microcarpa Echinocereus nicholii and Mammillaria microcarpa
Yucca baccata
Yucca baccata
The Desert in Bloom The Desert in Bloom
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro Saguaros
South of Tucson
Habitat south of Tucson
Echinomastus erectocentrus Echinomastus erectocentrus
Mammillaria heyderi
Mammillaria heyderi
Coryphantha vivipara v bisbeana Coryphantha vivipara
v bisbeana
Mountain Plants

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