A selection of useful links have been included here, however the list has been deliberately limited in size. For a more comprehensive listing we recommend you visit the Cactus & Succulent Plant Mall.

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For ease of use, the links have been sub-divided into the following categories:-
Reciprocal Links.
BCSS & Other National Societies.
Specialist Cactus & Succulent Groups.
Branch Members' Homepages.
Miscellaneous Links

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Reciprocal Links

The following sites have kindly given us a reciprocal link. Please support them and visit their sites in the same way they encourage visitors to ours. Their content may, or may not, be limited to cacti and/or other succulents:-
Cactus Mall The foremost source of data on cacti and succulents, plus an extremely comprehensive collection of links to other related sites.
When we last reviewed the sites that previously had reciprocal links to our site, we discovered that most had either ceased to exist, or had removed their links pages. Those sites were deleted from the above section.

If any other sites have included, or intend to add, a link to the Teesside Branch pages, please contact us to let us know so we can arrange for a reciprocal link to be added here.

Please note : we would appreciate it if all links to this site are made to the opening page, i.e.


BCSS & Other National Societies

A selection of the major national societies (with English language pages) devoted to cacti and/or other succulents:-
United Kingdom The British Cactus & Succulent Society
Australia Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia inc.
Australia Logo
Belgium Cactussen en Vetplanten
Belgian Society Logo
Germany Deutsche Kakteen Gesselschaft e.V
India Indian Cactus and Succulent Society
Indian Society Logo
Israel The Israeli Cactus and Succulent Society
Israeli Society Logo
Malta The Cactus and Succulent Society of Malta
Mexico Sociedad Mexicana de Cactología, A.C.
Mexican Society Logo
New Zealand Cactus and Succulent Society of New Zealand
New Zealand Society Logo
Peru Sociedad Peruana de Cactus y Suculentas
Peruvian Society Logo
The Philippines Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines
South Africa Succulent Society of South Africa
South African Society Logo
Switzerland Schweizerische Kakteen-Gesellschaft (SKG) / Association Suisse des Cactophiles
Swiss Logo
United States
of America
Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Zimbabwe The Aloe, Cactus & Succulent Society of Zimbabwe
Specialist Cactus & Succulent Groups

A selection of the specialist groups devoted to specific types of cactus and/or other succulents. It should be noted that these are specialist groups/societies, not merely specialist sites of which there are too many to attempt to list them here:-
Asclepiadaceae International Asclepiad Society (Site 1)

International Asclepiad Society (Site 2)

International Asclepiad Society
Echinocereus Echinocereus Reference Collection
Echinocereus Echinocereus Study Group  
Epiphytes Epiphytic Plant Study Group 
Euphorbias International Euphorbia Society Euphorbia Society
Frailea Frailea Information Base  
(plus related genera,
e.g. Aloes, Astrolobas
& Gasterias)
Haworthia Society
Haworthia Society
Hoyas International Hoya Association
International Hoya Association
Hoyas Swedish Hoya Society
Mammillarias Mammillaria Society
Mammillaria Society
Mesembryanthemums Mesemb Study Group
Sanseverias International Sanseveria Society International Sanseveria Society
Sedums Sedum Society
Sedum Society
South American Cacti The Chileans
Branch Members' Homepages

John Gamesby

If any other Teesside Branch members have a website, please contact us to let us know so we can arrange for a link to be added.


Miscellaneous Links
Boyce Thompson
A beautiful arboretum in central Arizona. Includes a great collection of cacti and other succulents. Also involved in conservation and research.
Cactiguide Identification help - search for either the Latin (Scientific) name or the common name of a cactus using this name search
Field Collector Acronym Database Cactus and Succulent Field Collector Query - insert the collector's code (e.g. "KK") and it will return the collector's name
Field Number Database Cactus and Succulent Field Number Query - insert the cactus and succulent collector's field number (e.g. "KK 2005") and it will return data on that plant
Garden Web A cactus forum for all your cultivation queries

Although we check the above links from time to time, we would be grateful if anyone finding any links which are no longer valid would be so kind as to inform us, enabling them to be corrected or deleted, as appropriate.

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